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Details for Fuel Cards EuroShell in Slovakia

Description:As the official Shell Partner Company, FLEETCOR offers the euroShell fuel cards for transportation companies or companies with a large volume of traffic. The fuel cards solve current questions connected with the supply of your fleet with quality fuel. You save the cost of fuel, to monitor and plan your fuel consumption, refueling the fleet at favorable conditions, together with fuel cards from Euro bright of FLEETCOR. You set Limits for each individual card in the personal account on our Website. Invoices in the electronic transmission, will be considerably facilitate the work of your accounting department. A uniform and detailed online account of all your cards are protected at all times against fraud on the part of the employees.
Let your driver refuel, where it is convenient! You install a mobile App "Fuel Station Locator” and find the nearest fuel station. You can use the petrol stations-services, one of the largest networks of Shell and Shell-Partner-networks - Total, Esso and Avia on the territory of 31 countries of the EU. More than 22,000 fuel stations across Europe with fuel cards of FLEETCOR. You pay with euroShell fuel card, a number of additional services, such as laundry or tire service.
You can use all the advantages of euroShell fuel cards of FLEETCOR. You are our customer, you can take part in discounts and special offers! During the first 3 months of a personal Manager who is ready to accompany every customer to help with any questions. Discover the full potential of your company to the right save with the euroShell card of FLEETCOR.
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Added:April 21, 2017 07:20:36 AM
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