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Details for Hire Helicopter in India

Description:MAB Aviations is a luxury helicopter charter company in India. MAB Aviations provide what is essentially a first class aerial limousine service for business and leisure purposes Where time saving is often a critical requirement. We serving the executive jet rental and luxury private jet charter travel needs of individuals and businesses across the globe so Book A Joy Ride or Send Request a Quote Today. We organize all needs in traveling quickly from point to point in both safety and style, including the ground transport that you may need in order to reach landing and take-off sites. Our helicopter fleet provides a variety of seating options ranging from a car style cabin in our smaller helicopters to club style seating | in a separate passenger cabin in the mid size and large helicopters. Mid size and large helicopters are catered with a range of refreshments and bites to make your trip more comfortable.
Category:Recreation & Sports: Aviation
Added:November 22, 2012 11:48:24 AM
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